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Health : Doctor, Pharmacy et Hospital ...
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List of healths beginning by letter C

Cabinet de Kinésithérapie J.C. Dhuez at Phnom Penh in CambodiaCabinet de Kinésithérapie J.C. Dhuez  
Close to the Independent Monument, J.C. Dhuez, graduate, physiotherapist, uses massage technics for rehabilitaiton, relaxation, energizing. Also practitioner of health care massage, specially for children after a long flu. His Essential Massages Oils are his own products, under the brand name of "AMATA" than one can find in Spa in Phnom Penh.
See also : Âmata 29, B road 288 BKK I Tel : 012 802 725
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Centre de Cardiologie de Phnom Penh  
This specialized center for heart care works under private donations. Able to treat and care all heart diseases, with performing equipment and the skillness of 8 specialists, 7 doctors and 2 professors, french and khmer, the Centre can welcome patients for 48 beds and place. Health staff is about 40 people. The heart surgery is handed in 2 specialized rooms, fully equipped. About 300 people are cared annually.
3, boulevard Monivong SC Tel : 012 812 289
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Clinic Sokhapheap Thmey at Phnom Penh in CambodiaClinic Sokhapheap Thmey  
This clinic, licenced by Health Ministery has a dedicated staff, with an international experience. A fully equipped ambulance, emergency rooms and inpatients rooms with international standars welcome the patient. The medical team practises ethical medicine, with only necesaries tests and pharmacy, with 24/7 services. Welcome and care in french, english and khmer.
25, road 71 BKK I Tel : 016 996 616
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Clinique Chanty  
8, road 122 MTP Tel : 023 882 824
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Clinique Kirirom  
This small clinic is specialized in chilhood diseases. The Professor, praticioner, Dr Kruy Thir speaks a very good french (and english too) as he studied in Paris and Marseille. Consultation and medecine are delivered in same time in good hygienic conditions and not expensive. Waiting time reduced if you can buy a short list ticket delivered to first patients.
77, road 115 VV Tel : 023 801 345
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Cadau Skin and Laser Clinic  
18, road 252 BKK I Tel : 012 871 851
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Cardiological Center Phnom Penh  
3, boulevard Monivong SC Tel : 023 427 765
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Community and Family Medical Services  
262B, road 63 BKK I Tel : 023 217 349
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