Choeung Ek Mass Grave

This visit can be one extension of the Tuol Sleng Prison visit.
To go there, follow boulevard Monireth, near psar Dang Kor (see map) and then pay attention to some panels with white characters written on green background. You also can ask neighbours of the road or moto-doubs, aware of this request.
The road is in a badly state on about 4km (ground and asphalt) due to high traffic of lorries carrying ground from carrers. these carrers will be served as water reserve, like small lake. And as a paradox, this ground will bank up some lake, to provide new lands for sale, today's game for speculation...

At the west of Phnom Penh, after 15 km, the "Killing Fields" - Cheung Ek - stored about 9000 bodies of prisoners of whom reliefs were exhumated in 1980. About 130 mass graves were counted, all containing the Tuol Sleng bodies, carried here and savagerly killed. Less than 40 mass graves stayed unopened, being the final burial place for innocent victims of a genocide ordered by a communist system.

The visit is quite short, if you follow the mass-grave panel circuit, indicating the kind of burial there, people find inside, classified by sex, age and torture given. In some place, urns exposed broken bones...
In order to prevent destruction from big rains, a bamboo roof give some protection, as mass grave have something close to what they stayed there for long years.

In the center of this place, you will turn around a huge stupa, with windows showing the skulls and the bones of bodies exhumated here, that were before exposed in the Tuol Sleng Prison Museum.

This burial place is very quiet, in a landscape, easy for meditation, because, so far, we can not expect such horrors.

Entrance for foreigners is $2 (negociable, but not ticket delivered...) and Cambodians have free entrance. Guards that take care the place are for some, french-speaking.
A hordes of young child come to you for some service, that means take care you car or moto, or nothing else... After the visit you can give to them some money. The aldults there are able to obtain some discipline from the youngs.

In april 2005, a press release said that this historic and unique place, owned by Phnom Penh municipality will be privatized, for a 30 years bail , against immediate cash and yearly fees. For that they expected to increase the entrance fee up to $3 and the Cambodian will pay about $0,50. Up to now, many Cambodians are strongly reluctant for this privatization which is anyway going on.
Everyone knows what happens when business men rebuilt the Past.

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